Preeon Web-to-Print Publisher - Localized Marketing Automation (LMA)

LMA with Preeon Web-to-Print Publisher


The cutting edge technology of Preeon Publisher helps with localized marketing automation (LMA) by generating individ­ual­ized print collaterals instantaneously. Documents and templates can be created in a web browser and shared with users over the Internet for adaptations.


With the industry's simplest workflow with a web-2-print application, users can access an exact representation of the original document and can apply their changes right into the templates. The professional output can be sent directly to the print shops. Within exact rules and parameters of a template, users can edit text and insert and modify images from ImageDirector Media Asset Management into Preeon Web-to-Print Publisher in seconds.  


Relevant information can be inserted automatically from single imprints to product details or fully automated, micro-segment campaigns. With Preeon, the creation and adaptation of printed collaterals can be decentralized while protecting brand identities and unifying corporate messages. Organizations can now manage print collaterals like never before. 


Preeon Publisher not only enables the customization of marketing materials but also dramatically reduces pre-press costs. Customers can produce their localized print collaterals with Preeon Publisher without the help from centralized headquarters. For example, the latest product shots for an advertisement campaign can be inserted and modified by anyone with permission within the restrictions of organizational guidelines. Product and price information can be updated automatically, additional text can be edited, and the print-ready pdf-output can be sent to publishers. For global campaigns, a single template is needed for adaptations to any language or cultural version.


More complex documents can be created with pre-selector forms. This allows to simplifying the workflow while allowing the user to customize the final product within the limitations of your corporate settings.


The creation of templates could not be simpler: import an existing document into Preeon Publisher. Set the parameters of what is allowed to be edited. Define elements that may need approval. Publish and start localizing and individualizing.



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