What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital Asset Management

What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) or Media Asset Management (MAM) is a tool that helps to effectively and efficiently manage large collections of digital files (any type). In other words, a DAM/MAM system is a centralized file manager that facilitates the processes of storing, retrieving, and distributing files such as bitmap and vector images, creative files, documents, audio files, videos, and any other kind of digital files.

DAM, it's easy!

Digital Asset Management is easy! While some vendors in the DAM/MAM space act as if managing digital files needs consultants running around your organization, at ONISON we try to keep it simple. In fact, we have written ‘Brilliance in Simplicity’ all over our banners. Some try to lure you in by setting up ‘neutral’ learning centers that specialize on DAM but are really paid for and ran by individual DAM vendors. Others recommend that you bring in the experts that are, of course, paid by you.

Here at ONISON, we provide you with the information that you need to turn your organization’s DAM into a success – not more and not less.

But why do vendors make such an expert deal out of something that should be as simple as operating a file manager and observing a few basic rules? You need to ask one simple question: are they actually using the DAM that they sell for internal purposes within their own organization? Often the answer is no - they do not really know what it means to manage large number of files, and often they do not have the experience to know what professional demands on file management are.

Inexperienced DAM Vendors

As a result, the systems are cumbersome to use in every step of the process. Instead, it has become trendy to be a DAM vendor, particularly in the cloud where your organization’s files are exposed to information mining. If your organization is willing to share its future market strategies with the information crawlers, go ahead. The cloud services are mostly cheap and dreadful to use but, they may be good enough for you.

It is true: large organizations are more complex. However, in our experience with very extensive global organizations, even the most complex multi-division/multi-market setup always breaks down into manageable units and teams. Likewise does the management of gigantic amounts of data. ONISON’s applications are made to cater to this reality rather than to experts. Large organizations are not sheer chaos – they are well organized units. If they were in chaos, they certainly would not hire a DAM ‘expert’ to solve their problems now, would they?


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