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Image Director - DRM Edition (Digital Rights Management)



ImageDirector DRM Edition : Safeguarding your Files


The ImageDirector Media Asset Management DRM Edition is perfectly suited for publishers, museums, exhibitors, and organizations that need to safeguard their valuable content. It enables the administrator to monitor which page(s) of each document have been viewed, and easily adjust access rights to restrict users to certain documents. Different access levels can easily be adjusted to suit different users. This is important if you need to make sure that your employees and affiliates have read instructions or guidelines, if you sell books and want to make them available for preview, or if you are a museum or an exhibitor that needs to provide controlled access to valuable materials.


The User Interface follows a simplistic approach, providing the tools necessary to efficiently complete the task, nothing more, nothing less. Users are able to search the text within the document but are restricted from selecting or copying the text and/or elements in the document unless they have respective access rights. Furthermore, users can easily jump from page to page and zoom in or out to view the document at different sizes.


Onison’s ImageDirector Media Asset Management DRM Edition is compatible across different screen sizes and devices including mobile, tablet, and desktop. Integrated with the popular ImageDirector Digital Asset Management System, documents are efficient to import - Simply drag-and-drop files. Prices can be set for previews, views, or downloads, and a default payment gateway is already pre-installed. There is no restriction on the number of documents imported or the number of administrators/users on the system.


ImageDirector Media Asset Management DRM Edition is a web-based system that allows for documents to be imported/viewed from anywhere in the world. Access the system from your mobile device while on-the-go. In combination with Onison’s Digital Signage App, the DRM solution provides for a complete communications platform that can be cost effectively deployed for exhibitions or other events.


ImageDirector DRM Edition is an addition to Onison’s complete suite of branding solutions that have proven to cut costs and significantly improve operational efficiency.


Onison's Digital Asset Management system is convenient and secure


Convenient and Secure


  • Digital Asset Management DRM Edition for high security environments such as publishers, museums, exhibitors, etc.
  • Built-in Digital Rights Management
  • Seven layers of administrative control processes are intriguingly simple and non-intrusive for users
  • Categorization and metadata workflow for user convenience and super efficiency
  • Adheres to security standards of a bank for files
  • Not in the Cloud; all files are under our full control in our datacenters, shielded from data mining and preying eyes
  • Blazing fast regardless of the quantity of files


Onison's Digital Asset Management system centralizes file


Centralize Files


  • ImageDirector DRM Edition centralizes digital assets and becomes a digital repository
  • Accessible anywhere and at all times via the Internet
  • Searchable - find the files fast and with ease
  • Secure and rights-based - providing controlled self-service distribution of digital files
  • Automated resizing and reformatting of images, photographs, and videos
  • Automated procurement of Microsoft Office documents and PDFs
  • Supports the localization processes with editable templates for image compositions


Onison's Digital Asset Management system enables easy distribution and localization


Distribute and Localize


  • Closed working groups can share confidential projects internationally or make them publicly available
  • Distribute videos, images, and multi-page documents
  • The localization process is facilitated by distributing files in a secure environment


Onison's Digital Asset Management system allows users to create, share and control their files


Create - Share - Control


  • Users can quickly find what they are searching for even if metadata is unavailable
  • Metadata contained in files and rights information is intelligently extracted and folder information is included in searches
  • Every function is fully automated
  • Administrators retain full control 


Onison's Digital Asset Management system supports all video formats


Moving Picture


  • Full featured video distribution platform
  • Videos and slide shows in 1920 HD and 4K can be created and played anywhere
  • Management of multiple shows presented to an audience at any local destination


Onison's Digital Asset Management system is simple and intuitive


Simple and Intuitive


  • The world's easiest web DAM/MAM is also DRM enabled 
  • Multi-directional Drag-and-Drop includes dragging files to your desktop, your file manager, and into your applications
    (Firefox and Mac, Firefox and Internet Explorer on PC)
  • All steps in the process are intuitive and self-explanatory
  • No special training  required for users of ImageDirector
  • Ease of use for media asset managers


Onison's Digital Asset Management system creates revenue streams


Monetize Files


  • Market selected files through the merchant-enabled application service
  • Create revenues without upfront Investments
  • Built-in downstream Digital Rights Management (DRM)  


Onison's Digital Asset Management system is flexible


No Lock-in


  • Administrators can download an xml file of all their metadata at any time
  • Clients can package their entire database for easy transfer into other systems
  • Fee schedules are strictly usage based, such that there will be no surprises along the way


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