Digital Asset Management – Easy and Affordable

Digital Asset Management – Easy and Affordable


Your digital files are valuable assets if they are stored securely and logically and if they can be efficiently found, retrieved and shared. Onison’s ImageDirector System provides a secure platform to store, organize, retrieve and share digital assets such as bitmap photos, vector graphics, videos, pdfs, and any other kind of digital files.


Digital Asset Management

Onison’s ImageDirector is a high-security Digital Asset Management solution that transforms a digital library into an organizational asset. Onison’s ImageDirector makes it easy to organize and retrieve any number of rich media files.


Productivity Improvements

Affiliates, clients, or team-members across the world can be granted secure access to the digital library around the clock. Corporate files can be centralized in one managed workspace that is accessible from anywhere over the Internet. With the tools in Onison’s ImageDirector, it has never been easier to send and receive files from anywhere in order to keep all stakeholders up-to-date at all times.


No Training Required

Thanks to an interface that orients itself on familiar file managing processes, users can efficiently utilize the interface in Onison’s ImageDirector Digital Asset Management System. Working with files and folders, categorizing, managing metadata, as well as finding and sharing files is made simple with the advanced drag and drop functionality and with visual search results. There is no training required to utilize Onison’s ImageDirector effectively.


High-Security Environment

In Onison’s ImageDirector, every file individually, groups of files, folders or entire folder trees can be managed quickly and easily. ImageDirector behaves exactly as the user expects an enterprise-level Digital Asset Management to function. Access rights can quickly be assigned or changed, and new levels of access rights can be created as needed. Users will not see files that the user has no access right for, and they will never see zero content folders. Users that lack the respective access rights will never know that there is additional content or additional folders and functionalities that they have no access to. Your image library runs in a high-security environment that satisfies the requirements of banks and financial institutions. Onison’s ImageDirector runs in multiple locations, each with redundant connectivity, power backup generators, and multi-level security access that is restricted to our datacenter staff.


Support for any File Type

Onison’s ImageDirector supports any kind of file type, from bitmap images, vector graphics, videos, PDF files, Microsoft Office files, or any other file type that might need to be managed. It is fully integrated with the Adobe* software family. Upon uploading, the original files are pre-procured with smaller derivative files in order to make them visible over the Internet. Users are never in doubt whether they are downloading the correct file.


DAM as part of your Branding Platform

Onison’s ImageDirector Digital Asset Management solution fits seamlessly into the appearance of the corporate branding. Your logo and organization’s colors can easily be applied and changed at any time. ImageDirector can be setup for every access right in a way that not only assets but also features can be defined exactly as you require them to be. Onison’s ImageDirector Digital Asset Management provides what your organization wishes, not just what we offer.


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