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Over 20 Years of Expertise

Onison's Application Services are in use by some of the world's largest organizations. They have been deployed to more than 18,000 clients world­wide and have proven to be a powerful tool that has increased productivity while reducing costs.

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About Onison Corporation

Onison provides Internet Applications as a Service (Saas) that are out-innovating the competition in brand management tools. Our systems are so user-friendly that thousands of users can utilize them without prior training or instructions. We achieve this by carefully listening to our customers and letting them be part of the application design process. This high level of customer participation leads to an evolutionary outgrowth of our services, one of which is our proprietary bi-directional drag-and-drop or our outstandingly simple catalog automation process. 
Our Internet Applications address the particular needs of brand management with services for digital asset management, the publishing of print collaterals, the automation of catalogs, and product information management (PIM). For over 20 years, Onison has been known for its popular enterprise-level ImageDirector Digital Asset Management, which reaches beyond ordinary image banks. ImageDirector serves Preeon Web-to-Print Publisher for creating print-ready and high-resolution templates, which eliminates the pre-press production middle-man. Onison's catalog automation system enables unprecedented competitive advantages for our clients in both time-to-market and cost. 

Our Niche

Disruptive changes to the global business environment require a rapid increase in productivity for creating, accessing, distributing, and monetizing digital assets while minimizing the risk of human contact. At the same time, assets need to remain protected, available when needed and repurposed easily and efficiently in particular with a growing mobile or decentralized workforce. The traditional value chain of media production is out of touch with the pace of today's business environment. Onison's Internet applications are built for organizations with sophisticated branding demands while maintaining them so simple and configurable that even the smallest businesses can utilize them efficiently. Preeon Web-to-Print Publisher allows users to modify information and images in the webpage just like in word processing applications, all done through an Internet browser. Catalog automation literally works by itself - at the drop of data.
Our customers in the web ser­vices domain are large corporations from the Global 2000 list such as Novartis, Clariant, Givaudan, Hilti, Medline, United Nations, Intersport and many more. Thousands of small businesses also rely on our trusted services. We build partnerships with web services companies as resellers and with content management system sup­pliers as OEMs that tie ImageDirector into their own offerings.

Team Onison

Onison is a privately held company that finances its growth from its inner strengths. We do not carry debt or third-party financing to artificially boost our standing. Our aim is to build solid, long-term corporate values for customers, employees, and other stakeholders.
The Onison team is comprised of committed pro­fessionals with high business ethics, professional integrity and strong value systems.
Onison's development team is a motivated group composed en­tirely of graduate and postgraduate engineers with a high de­gree of quality consciousness and team spirit. With a growing com­munity of PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, AI, image, and video professionals the com­petent, highly qualified workforce combines cutting-edge tech­nology skills with broad expertise to deliver effective customer-oriented applications.
Onison's team is constantly exposed to training courses on de­vel­opment practices, software quality assurance, software engineering, and to specific tools and techniques. This process is supported by a quality assurance team and a comprehensive system of internal audits.

The Company

Onison Corporation is a leading global provider of branding tools that assist companies to manage their digital assets and contents for various media outputs.

Products & Services

Onison's scalable enterprise brand management platform provides a smart approach to manage brand and marketing workflows.

ImageDirector Media Asset Management
Preeon Web-to-Print Publisher
Automatic Catalogue Production
Product Information Management

We are available 365/24/7 with a primary goal to ensure that our customers utilize their applications to their full potential.

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