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SecurityOnison Security Information

Running application services for thousands of clients is our focus. Although our customers are concerned about the safety of their files, our very existence depends on it. Thus, our commitment to a locked and monitored environment is the top operational priority. Onison's security details are reviewed on an ongoing basis through an independent and certified security consultant.


Physical Security

  • Fully air conditioned data centers with 24/7 building security monitoring
  • Access to the servers are limited using "Mantrap" entry with key card and biometric access authentication


  • Our servers are located in AAA-rated buildings with dual electrical grid connections from independent substations and internally redundant, bypassable UPS systems
  • Dedicated backup generator with manual bypass to second non-dedicated backup generator
  • Non-service-affecting FM-200(r) Fire Suppression System with multiple zones, central control, and connectivity to the building fire system

Internet Connectivity

  • Fully re­dundant core switches, routers, and load balancers, utilizing 802.1w rapid spanning tree protocol (RSTP) for split-second failover and high availability
  • Multiple GigE backbone trunks for fast network performance and traffic spike tolerance 24/7 environment and network monitoring and response
  • Multi-homed network with BGP-advertised address space and connections to multiple Tier-1 providers and latency-optimized routing with excellent connectivity to Canada, U.S. and Europe

Internet Security

  • Monitoring with detailed FTP, SMTP, and SSH daemon login requests
  • ImageDirector machines are protected with a secure firewall
  • Operating systems are regularly patched to safeguard our systems

Database Security

  • Database for ImageDirector service has all public ports blocked
  • Passwords are encrypted to prevent interception
  • Precautions for denial-of-service type attacks
  • User specific IP restrictions are possible at the level of users
    Machine handshake as an option

Application security

  • All applications are protected with session control
  • Without authentication, access to any page is denied
  • Links to files that can be emailed are randomly encrypted with 32bit


  • The system is incrementally backed up daily and fully each week
  • Backup tapes are securely stored outside of our building
  • Backups with a copy of the database information can be provided upon request


  • Each login, file download, file upload, preview and thumbnail view is logged
  • All statistical data is kept in the system for three months
  • Administrators have access to a system-wide adminlog.


  • Data encryption can be supported at apache webserver level through SSL
  • LDAP routine can be included upon request

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Security Diagram

Our commitment to security is second to none. We ensure a highly secure physical location for our servers as well as secure database and application systems to prevent malicious attacks and interceptions of your data.

Click on the image to view a diagram of our server system which includes mirrors, backups and redundancies.


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