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Single Source for Brand Management

Strong brands control their communications and appearance throughout their multi-channel distribution networks. Onison's scalable enterprise branding platform provides for a smart approach for marketing and brand managers. The intuitive and easy to use marketing tools for pre-press automation are so flexible that they provide to any user exactly what is needed – nothing more and nothing less – for online print publishing and related marketing automation. The applications are scalable from small businesses to global enterprises and franchise organizations.


Onison fully integrates Brand, Marketing, and Product Management from the conception of product or service ideas to their distribution throughout the supply chain. Your data is not in the Cloud and is protected from data mining and spying eyes.

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management - manage your filesDigital Asset Management - manage your files Digital asset management has become part of a daily routine for all sizes of organizations. The volume of digital assets poses challenges in storing, managing, retrieving, safekeeping, and sharing files while maintaining control over access and usage rights. The loss, leakage, or infiltration of assets can be catastrophic. ImageDirector is not in the Cloud. It manages files like handling financial assets in a user centric approach of simplicity. No data-mining agenda is behind our operations. We do not sell or otherwise share your data in any form.

Web-To-Print Publishing - The Power of Preeon

Web-To-Print CMSWeb-To-Print CMS The cutting-edge technology of Preeon Publisher helps with Localized Marketing Automation (LMA) by generating individ­ual­ized print collaterals instantaneously. Documents and templates can be created in web browsers and shared with users over the Internet for adaptations. With the industry's simplest workflow with a web-2-print application, users can access an exact representation of the original document and can apply their changes directly into the templates. Document order forms make it even simpler for end-users.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Product Information ManagementProduct Information Management

media broadcasting - web to TV When interfaces in the supply-chain for product and marketing management need streamlining for efficiency and consistency, the Product Information Management (PIM) bridges the two worlds. Product data evolves from its sourcing through to the multi-channel selling process. The PIM handles raw SKU’s (Stock Keeping Units), supplier identifications, internal article numbers, prices, quantities, delivery and rollout dates as well as all the marketing information and descriptions that are required for global and localized markets. Sharing this information is easier than ever before. Additional tools, such as Unified Data Clearing, help in simplifying your workflow dramatically.

Catalog Automation - Print Catalog in Minutes

Catalog ProductionCatalog Production The on-demand catalog data management and print publishing option is the epitome of simplicity. Engineered for all sizes of organizations, this on-demand catalog automation platform can produce full color print catalogs, individualized catalogs, brochures, price lists, and PDF files while dramatically reducing costs over traditional catalog production methods.

Price Tag Editor


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Onison Corporation is a leading global provider of branding tools that assist companies to manage their digital assets and contents for various media outputs.

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Onison's scalable enterprise brand management platform provides a smart approach to manage brand and marketing workflows.

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