Offline Media Import/Export for Media Asset Management

Offline Media Import / Export

Onison offers a convenient service that allows you to load large amounts of data into ImageDirector Media Asset Management or to download parts of or an entire archive. This service is particularly helpful when Internet connections are too slow or too busy to take on peak loads.
Large data transfers have always been problematic for organizations, and with the explosive growth of data, the problems are only getting bigger.  While typical Internet connections today allow for download speeds in excess of 10 Mbps (megabits per second) to 100 Mbps, upload speeds are usually limited to 1 - 20 Mbps. At that rate, a data upload of only 10 GB will take hours or even a day. Imagine a terabyte (TB). It will take up to a quarter of a year. Onison has offered such services for over 20 years.

Free Offline Media Import

You can transfer your media offline by sending your hard disk or flash drives to us. We will transfer the data on your behalf for free. The handy Offline Media Import/Export service can reduce the otherwise time-consuming process to a matter of days from door to fulfillment.


Offline Media Import/Export to/from ImageDirector Media Asset ManagementPlease arrange your Offline Media Import with Onison's customer service. You can send us any number of hard disks or flash drives with USB or eSATA connection. They need to be formatted in FAT32, ext2, ext3, or NTFS.


We take your drives and load the data into ImageDirector Media Asset Management according to your instructions. We keep folder structures as delivered or rearrange them according to your needs. At the same time, we import your metadata files and extract embedded metadata from your files into ImageDirector Media Asset Management.




Please follow these steps for a seamless Offline Media Import experience:

1. Have your compatible device ready
2. Create an Offline Media Import order; the order can include instructions for handling of folders and/or file types and metadata import
3. Contact your designated project manager at Onison, and send us an email with your Offline Media Import order
4. Wait for instructions from your designated project manager
5. Courier or ship your drive, power connector, and data cables to the address provided to you
8. Within a few days, your data will be available in ImageDirector Digital Asset Management

Once we receive your drive(s), we initiate the transfer in one of our high security data centers. Unreadable files are being rejected. Unless you instruct us otherwise, we will reformat and destroy the hardware. Upon request, the drive(s) can be sent back to you at your expense plus a small handling fee.

Offline Media Export
Onison also lets you transfer large amounts of data out of ImageDirector. For this purpose, we provide standard USB drives or eSATA drives for larger data volumes. Transfer out of ImageDirector is based on usage. You will pay the drive(s), a fixed fee per drive, preparation time for special instructions for file and/or folder arrangement, and the hours of data transfer.


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