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Focus on Results with Web-to-Print Publishing


Marketing collaterals including posters, direct mailers, sales materials, brochures, and catalogues can be fully customized and personalized. The creation of effective collaterals and significant cost reductions can be achieved simultaneously.


  • Leverage the power of one-to-one marketing and individualized print collaterals
  • Control corporate identity through templates with access control of individual page elements
  • Generate targeted, relevant, timely and personalized documents
  • Transform static collaterals into high value marketing tools
  • Significantly reduce cost in your traditional collateral production by decreasing pre-process time, reducing revision cycles and eliminating entire pre-press processes
  • Increase productivity by designing once and individualizing many times
  • Become flexible for last second changes
  • Stay in control with a built in approval process
  • Faster response rates
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • In-process monetizing option


Preeon Publisher will improve results by getting you closer to the target audience with customized marketing collaterals that address individual preferences and patterns. You control the branding and messaging of the marketing collaterals while enabling localization.

Image Editing

  • In-place editing of images for size, rotation, and crop
  • Automatic optimizing of images for Internet viewing


ImageDirector for Preeon

  • Management and conversion of original images and default text files (There is no need to re-purpose originals)
  • All image manipulations are seamlessly implemented for output



  • Manage branding, layout, and publishing standards
  • To implement existing InDesign templates, the original InDesign files and instructions about the behavior of each element need to be uploaded to ImageDirector
  • Directly import documents for the template creation   


Variable data printing (VDP)

  • Variable data printing for personalized communications
  • Allows for changes in text, logos, graphics, and images from one document to the next


User Interface

  • Available in multiple languages
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Intuitive (no training necessary)



  • Preeon is based on Unicode, the international font standard
  • Enables users to localise in any language


Rights Management & Authoring

  • User access to Preeon and to each template is controlled individually or in groups by the assigned administrators
  • Built-in approval process
  • Browser based, full WYSIWYG editing in the Internet Browser


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