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Digital asset management (DAM) has become part of a daily routine for all sizes of organizations. The volume of digital assets poses challenges in storing, managing, retrieving, safekeeping, and sharing files while maintaining control over access and usage rights. The loss, leakage, or infiltration of assets can be catastrophic.


Being a market pioneer in media asset management for over 20 years, ImageDirector manages files like handling financial assets in a user centric approach of simplicity. With the world's only multi-directional drag-and-drop feature, ImageDirector is by far the easiest Media Asset Management system to use. In order to achieve that, Onison has removed the upload/download bottleneck altogether and replaced it with the capability to drag files and folders from the file manager into ImageDirector. Being able to drag files out of ImageDirector directly into applications results in superb user convenience.


This browser-based application safeguards digital information in any format, from high resolution images, professional photographs, and text documents to multimedia and video files. Its large feature set adapts to an organization's needs that can range from the most complex multi-division enterprise to the simple system for a one-man professional. The features can be adapted to unlimited levels of access rights such that any user sees exactly what is needed and nothing more. Essential for rights management, every asset can be managed individually, in groups, in folders, or in projects. For example, one file may require a request form, some are in need of preventing access to originals altogether, and others could be downloaded freely and in multiple derivative versions. Media asset managers with the appropriate access rights can accomodate these requirements easily through an interface that is oriented on simplicity of use. To make things easy on you, the Onison team is here to help you setting the system up and making changes whenever your needs require.


ImageDirector is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that can be deployed in any combination for brand management and pre-press purposes, for your affiliates abroad, high-security archives, as an access point for journalists around the globe, as an enterprise video sharing platform, as a digital sales platform, as your product information sharing destination, or any use related to digital media and intellectual properties. It is the digital asset manager software with the industry's most extensive feature set. Add-ons are also available for product information management (PIM)Web-to-Print, the automated production of catalogs, or Unified Data Clearing. It works in any browser on PCs, Macs, tablets, and mobile. Your files are not in the Cloud, and we take responsibility for the security of your valuable assets.



Onison's Digital Asset Management system is convenient and secure


Convenient and Secure


  • Digital Asset Management built for needs in any organizational size, fully scalable, and fully customizable
  • Seven layers of administrative control processes are intriguingly simple and non-intrusive for users
  • Categorization and metadata workflow for user convenience and super efficiency
  • Adheres to high-security standards of a bank
  • Built-in digital rights management (DRM)
  • Not in the Cloud; all files and data is under our full control in our datacenters
  • Blazing fast regardless of the quantity of files


Onison's Digital Asset Management system centralizes file


Centralize Files and Data


  • ImageDirector centralizes digital assets and becomes a digital repository
  • Accessible anywhere and at all times via the Internet
  • Searchable - find the files fast and with ease
  • Secure and rights-based - providing controlled self-service distribution of digital files
  • Automated resizing and reformatting of images and photographs
  • Supports the localization processes with editable templates for image compositions
  • Viewable in thumbnail previews, as well as larger and detailed images


Onison's Digital Asset Management system enables easy distribution and localization


Distribute and Localize


  • Closed working groups can share confidential projects internationally or make them publicly available
  • Distribute assets and/or data 
  • The localization process is facilitated by distributing files in a secure environment
  • The time for going-to-press can be reduced significantly


Onison's Digital Asset Management system allows users to create, share and control their files


Create - Share - Control


  • Users can quickly find what they are searching for even if metadata is unavailable
  • Metadata contained in images and rights information is intelligently extracted and folder information is included in searches
  • Every function is fully automated
  • Administrators retain full control


Onison's Digital Asset Management system supports all video formats


Moving Picture


  • Full featured video distribution platform
  • Videos and slide shows in 1920 HD and 4K can be created and played anywhere in the appropriate format of the target device
  • Management of multiple shows presented to an audience at any local destination
  • Easy management of shows for front desk monitors or the Digital Retail Environment
  • Enterprise level Video Distribution System


Onison's Digital Asset Management system is simple and intuitive


Simple and Intuitive


  • The world's easiest web DAM/MAM
  • Multi-directional Drag-and-Drop includes dragging files out and into your applications
    (Chrome on Mac, Chrome and Internet Explorer on PC)
  • Drop-in on Edge
  • All steps in the process are intuitive and self-explanatory
  • No special training  required for users of ImageDirector
  • Ease of use for media asset managers


Onison's Digital Asset Management system creates revenue streams


Monetize Files


  • Market selected files through the merchant-enabled ImageDirector application service
  • Create revenues without upfront Investments
  • Built-in downstream digital rights management  (DRM) 


Onison's Digital Asset Management system is flexible


No Lock-in


  • Administrators can download a file of all their metadata at any time
  • Clients can package their entire database for easy transfer into other systems
  • Fee schedules are strictly usage based, such that there will be no surprises along the way


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