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Taggon - Website Management Made Simple

Keeping the information on your web pres­ence in a compelling, accurate and fresh manner is critical to any orga­nisation's image and success. As a ground­breaking application, Taggon is delivering on the promise of content man­agement systems to have non-technical content experts create and up­date website content and thus keeping them up-to-date. With Taggon, busi­nesses can quickly build effective web sites for Internet, extra­net or intranet usage by distributing the responsibilities through­out the organisation.


Once prospective users see the capabilities of Taggon content management, they will not accept any other approach that builds on technical expertise rather than on total simplicity. Onison's application services are successfully deployed to some of the most powerful corporations and brands in the world.


Remove the Content Bottleneck

The demands for updating web content have risen dramatically. However, organisations are facing content bottlenecks because non-technical users are unable to create or modify pages. They have long forgotten about their extensive training sessions and previously read user manuals on how to operate a system that is not in daily use. Thus, the task of updating pages reverts back to a bottleneck of technical specialists, ultimately hampering the success of the business. Taggon provides the non-technical content experts with a highly advanced WOW-Editor (Write-On-Webpage) that allows them to modify any content, tables or images in a familiar Word environment, directly on the webpage.


With Taggon content management, webmasters and other IT staff are freed up from updating the sites, thereby relieving the web content bottleneck. The content management is put into the hands of the non-technical content experts while the look and feel remains under tight control.


Remove the Image and File Graveyards
Graphics, files and photographs that are needed across multiple media formats are often duplicated and managed in multiple locations. With Taggon and its integrated ImageDirector enter­prise media asset management system those redundancies are removed. Images are automatically compressed to the correct Internet format according to the users' online size and crop settings.


Content Management Rendered Invisible

Other content management systems fail due to their inherent overwhelming requirements for users to undergo ex­tensive training, when technical skills should ideally be learned within a matter of days. This invariably leads to interruptions in the workflow whenever new employees join, and staff that do not use the systems on a regular basis are likely to forget the processes and require the input of “specialists“ for assistance. As a result, the original objective to decentralise content con­tribution to the source is missed, and the tasks end up returning to the bottleneck positions of webmasters and the like.

Successful content management systems do not require such intense user training, as they build on the most familiar pro­cesses. Taggon utilises invisible technology. It has no inherent processes and integrates tightly with existing business pro­cedures and workflow systems, thus making your Internet presence more up to date.

Your corporate design can be of paramount importance on the Internet for the recognition of your enterprise. With predesigned templates, Taggon makes it easy to conform to universal design standards. Administrators can maintain control over the cor­porate branding, style, consistency, accuracy, security and work­flow. They identify the content owners, contributors and man­agers and assign roles that define who views, updates and man­ages content on your site. They can also set view per­missions for different types of viewers. Taggon dynamically per­sonalises the content views for a customised user experience.


Taggon can work with any number of language versions and supports translation and localisation processes. For this, Onison adheres to the same simple principle: Development and main­tenance of a web presence has to be so simple that basic knowledge in the Office applications is sufficient for users to contribute to their own contents. Taggon is intuitively self-explanatory. 


Employ a Champion in Search Engine Optimization

Promises, promises. We have heard it all from those that claim to be experts. We know that SEO is hard, and we are well aware that successfully managing search engines is mission critical for your business. The sad fact is that nobody really knows what search engines look for and how their algorithms change. However, there are a number of important fundamentals that typical CMS systems fail to address. Taggon is fully optimized for SEO. Your Taggon pages become visible to search engines, even if you only took care of the minimum registration requirements. The Taggon interface offers easy to use tools that allow you to manage search engines actively and aggressively.





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