Automatic Catalog Production with drag-and-drop functionality

Onison revolutionizes automatic catalog production with drag-and-drop functionality


Creating print catalogs has never been simpler! Onison is proud to introduce its new breakthrough technology. Professional catalog production, small or large, can now be automated with simple drag and drop capabilities.

Retailers across the globe are eagerly rediscovering the print catalog. Its distinct ability to tell a story while simultaneously providing brand insight - this power is far beyond the reach of online stores. However, many retailers are being held back by time restrictions and pre-press costs that remain notoriously expensive. Onison’s goal is to revolutionize this process.

Onison has developed the world’s only full-loop drag-and-drop tool for catalogue automation with unprecedented simplicity. Data files can be dropped onto images, creating an automated system that is impressively intuitive. Small format leaflets or complex thousand pagers can be created instantaneously. Onison’s automation tool also empowers magazine style catalogs containing photo spreads - creating a desired impression upon the potential shopper with related storytelling scenes. At the same time, pre-press expenses are eliminated and complete control is achieved.

Beyond the professional pre-press output, Onison’s catalog automation tool provides low-resolution versions that allow the user to check the catalogues for errors. These previews can double as online catalogues, allowing for expedited market launch. Without automation, complex catalogs cannot be produced fast enough, and time-to-market suffers. Onison’s catalog automation tool handles product complexity in a dynamic and efficient manner.

Print catalogs make it easier for customers to direct their buying decisions toward trustworthy sellers. According to research, print catalog customers spend more money online and are also the best customers in physical stores.

“Brilliance in Simplicity” is the motive Onison lives by. With this cutting-edge advancement, the company is able to breach the barrier of unprecedented ease of use in automated catalog production.

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