In-House Solutions


Onison applications can either be installed on your servers, used as a Software as a Service (SaaS), or deployed as a combination of SaaS and an unlimited number of decentralized in-house file servers.


Why In-house?

Installed solutions are sometimes used where complex integration into existing infra­structure is necessary or where SaaS are part of a business offering, such as ISPs or other ASPs.


To operate high performance digital asset management (DAM) solutions, organizations have to be able to meet large bandwidth requirements and prepared to significantly invest in hardware for the applications and for storage. Additional challenges are security, data redundancy, load balancing, and large volume back-up systems.


If an organization's connectivity is lower than 100 MBit/sec or is jammed  at peak hours, it is not a candidate for an installed DAM solution:
  • Download speed will be too slow
  • Organization's Internet access will be hard pressed by large file transfers during peak hours, typically around 11 am and 3 pm
  • Response times will lag and lead to an unsatisfactory usability.

    Why SaaS?

    Companies that use installed solutions receive the same care as those on SaaS. Onison remotely updates the software to the latest version, and organizations never have to purchase upgrades.



    For solutions where fast internal access for large pre-press files is necessary, Onison's SaaS can be supplemented with internal file servers at an unlimited number of locations. Onison can provide multi-location mirroring while each server location holds its decentralized files.


    The local machines will update the mirror servers automatically with those files that need to be accessible over the Internet. This allows organizations to circumvent the large bandwidth requirements of installed solutions while satisfying the highest security standards in the industry.


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