How to setup Digital Signage

How to Setup Onison's Digital Signage App



Setting up your Digital Signage is easy. Once you have downloaded ONISON's free app, you can display your shows immediately. You can either setup your Digital Signage as a local device or as a remote device that is controlled through ImageDirector's Digital Signage tools.


If you only have an Android mobile device and not the Android TV, you are in luck - the inexpensive Android Mini PC enables you to broadcast to any monitor with an HDMI input. Simply plug in the Android Mini PC, download the ONISON digital signage app, and you're ready to share information immediately.

Installing Onison's Digital Signage App

The Onison app for your organization's local need to partake in the world of Digital Signage is available for free on the Google Play store.


  1.  Go to and look for Onison Digital Signage
  2.  Download the Onison Digital Signage App to your mobile device, Andoid TV, or Mini PC.
  3.  Plug in Android Mini PC to any HDMI Monitor (or use Android TV or device directly).


Just like that, you're ready to go! Onison's simplistic approach allows for intuitive usability - users are able to immediately enjoy the application without any difficulty.

Setting up Local Signage

You can setup Onison's Digital Signage for local play only. This allows you to control your device manually. You can mix images and videos in one content folder. It is absolutely free to use.

  1. Set CONTENT ACQUISITION to Local (default)
  2. Set one or multiple folders to ON in the SELECT CONTENT section

  3. PLAY

The application is ideal when you have timely information that you would like to efficiently share with your audience.

Multi-Monitor, Multi-Location, and Global Broadcasting

ONISON thrives on simplicity - our Digital Signage app is no different. We make it simple for multi-monitor setup, multiple locations, and global organizations to broadcast messages, pictures, playlists, slideshows and much more.


  1. Set ACCESS to your ImageDirector account (optional: enter a Name for the device)

  3. Set the desired ImageDirector folder(s) to ON in the SELECT CONTENT section

  4. Set both APP SETTINGS Auto start on reboot and Auto start Display to ON

  5. PLAY


The Digital Signage app is now controlled by the ImageDirector management tools. No further local action is needed since the app auto-powers after an outage. Through ImageDirector, you can now push your information through individual devices, through groups of devices, or to all devices simultaneously.


Organizational communication has never been so easy. By following these few steps, businesses (of any type) can enjoy a communication platform that will enhance operational efficiency.

The best part about Onison's Digital Signage App? It is completely free!

Click here to Download the App


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