Multi-directional drag-and-drop revolutionizes media asset management

Onison’s multi-directional drag and drop revolutionizes Media Asset Management


Managing files just became a whole lot easier! Onison is proud to introduce a breakthrough in ease of use to its popular ImageDirector Media Asset Management System. For the first time, businesses can easily manage their digital assets with a web based multi-directional drag and drop system.

March, 2015 / Vancouver, Canada and Zug, Switzerland

For years, global companies have struggled to efficiently manage, utilize, and share their files organization-wide and with external affiliates. The main issues with the available software tools are upload and download processes that are cumbersome and time consuming – They just do not work as one might expect. Many vendors have attempted to solve the issue by “inventing” various workarounds. However, these systems merely added new shortcomings to the old ones and offer anything but ease of use. It remains frustrating to actually use a file for a working document!

Onison’s research and design team has brought forth the world’s only web based Media Asset Management System with multi-directional drag-and-drop capabilities. This revolutionary user interface allows ease of access that is entirely intuitive for users, the way it should have been all along. With a simplistic design, files can be smoothly transferred to and from ImageDirector as if it were indeed a local file manager – on steroids. Applicable to both PC and Mac, users can drag bitmap and vector files to applications without the typical formatting barriers. Popular media applications like Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft’s family of programs are natively integrated, rendering various connectors, add-ins, and other complex workarounds obsolete.

“Brilliance In Simplicity” is the motive Onison lives by, and with this new, cutting-edge advancement, the company is finally able to breach the barrier of unprecedented ease of use. By continuously investing into global R&D, Onison assures that their systems remain top notch.

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About Onison: For over 15 years, Onison’s popular ImageDirector Media Asset Management System has been in use by some of the largest organizations in the world. The company addresses the particular needs of brand management with services for digital asset management, Web-to-Print, automated catalog production, POS tagging, and the provision of Web-to-TV and digital signage, video, and media broadcasting.

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