How does Multi-Directional Drag-and-Drop work?


Our goal at ONISON is to simplify business processes. For over 15 years we have helped companies, organizations, franchises, and global leaders do just that. Over the past years, our software development teams have worked diligently to further simplify the web-based Digital Asset Management System. The introduction of a multi-directional drag-and-drop system has made ImageDirector even easier to access, share, secure, and manage digital assets. Rather than undergoing the cumbersome upload/download process, users enjoy a web-based system that can be easily accessed from any computer or device. 


Digital Asset Management - A Simplified Approach


By removing the upload/download process alltogether, we have made it significantly easier to utilize digital assets of any type. ImageDirector allows users to drag-and-drop files to and from the web-based system without any complications - the system is fully integrated to work with any application and will recognize file types of any sort. Furthermore, the system automatically reformats files if an application demands a certain format.


Security you can Trust

Running application services for thousands of clients is our focus. Although our customers are concerned about the safety of their files, our very existence depends on it. Thus, our commitment to locked and monitored environments is the top operational priority. ImageDirector is NOT running in the Cloud. Your files are safe from praying eyes, and unlike other storage providers, we have no ulterior interest in mining your sensitive data.



Digital Asset Management is Your Brand

User interfaces typically represent your storefront to your branded materials. ImageDirector's built in customization options allow for an up-to-date look and feel that is fully responsive and reflects exactly who you are. You can place your login where you need it, work with backgrounds in various formats. Your customers will believe that you are maintaining an expensive system that is made just for you.


Below displays two examples of branded ImageDirector login pages.

Simplicity in the User Interface

After signing into ImageDirector you are accessing our simple user interface. Integrated with drag-and-drop capabilities, managing files has never been easier -  view the video above to see the interface in action. On the left of the interface is where folders are stored. The folder structure is up to you, choose the solution that best suits your needs. Upon selecting a folder, the elements of the folder open in the middle of the interface. You can simply drag-and-drop files in and out of this section - drop directly into other applications or onto your desktop if need be. The system is integrated to support files being dragged in from almost any location. On the right side of the ImageDirector interface is the project section where users are able to drag assets from their folders directly into a project to easily create a slideshow that can be embedded on any website or to share with a team.




As seen above, ONISON's ImageDirector user interface is intuitive and does not need much explaining.  The system is built to ensure that even users that are not technically savvy can easily access and manage digital assets efficiently.  Beyond being an intuitive Digital Asset Management system, Imagedirector has integrated tools that really distinguish our system from the rest.  The Catalog Automation tool helps PUMA, for example, to produce Catalogs on-demand.  Sales representatives are able to easily produce micro catalogs, sell sheets, leaflets and other valuable marketing materials in the blink of an eye!



More info

View our Catalog Automation tool here.


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