Custom In-Store TV for Retailers and Franchises

Custom In-Store TV for Retailers and Franchises


Onison Corporation is launching today a new revolutionary service: The Onxxon media broadcast service enables retailers to manage their custom in-store television over the internet in a surprisingly easy way and at drastically reduced cost.

April 18, 2013 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Onison Corporation announces the launch of its new Onxxon broadcasting service that allows retailers, retail chains, and franchise groups to manage their in-store and front desk television shows over the Internet.

Custom in-store television programming, front-desk television shows and video based staff training are proven to significantly strengthen brand recognition and create sales at the point of decision. To help facilitate implementation and operation of such shows, Onison launches its novel Onxxon broadcast service as an add-on to the ImageDirector Digital Asset Management System. Onxxon broadcasts can be composed in minutes to coordinate and control branded messages. High-definition videos combined with images, text- and sound-overlays can be streamed full screen to monitors at any location. Sponsor videos and advertisements can also be mixed into the broadcasts. Professional results can be achieved simply and without the costs that are associated with traditional services.

Users benefit from dramatic increases in efficiency and cost savings by utilizing Onison’s broadcasting service to enhance their brand management. The new service is a leading edge solution for the management of in-store and front-desk television shows that was previously not available to the marketplace. Manual processes can be replaced instantly in the precise way desired, and at the same time, a consistent brand identity can be retained.


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